Mindful Thoughts

Mindful Thoughts Some untold stories of trauma, abuse and pain cause dis – ease in the body. When we withhold and hide our personal stories of pain and struggle, those deep wounds are acted out in our behaviour. We’re not living, we’re purely existing! When we share our traumatic stories, we give others permission to share and release their pain. I’m Angela Barrows, psychotherapist and host of ‘Mindful Thoughts’ mental health show for UltraVisionTV. I’m on a mission to break down the mental health taboos that exist in the Black community, by having those uncomfortable conversations. Let’s start to speak out our negative self-talk and thoughts we carry in our minds, that are holding us back from truly living our best lives. Join me and my selected guests as we open up conversations about generational trauma, why have therapy/counselling, loss and grief during Covid19, prostrate cancer, domestic violence, money and debt, LGBTQ, aspects of suicide, depression, parenting children and much more.