Dukey’s House Party

Dukey’s House Party Dukey’s House Party is an innovative musical game show on Instagram that was created earlier in the year to ease the monotony of lockdown and bring a different kind of entertainment to the masses. The first show piloted back in May and has gone from strength to strength with a Carnival and Halloween special and several themed shows. The show is filled with constant banter and jokes. The show has quickly gained a steady following that tune in regularly to join in the fun. So what is DHP really about?? The shows host DJ DUKEZUK – a energetic, quirky West London DJ takes his audience through a series of quiz questions and games such as ‘Guess The Celebrity’, and ‘What Am I?’ Dukez’s quick wit and charm makes the whole thing hilarious and his timely interaction with the audience makes the show a laugh a minute. What makes this show a must-watch though, is the DHP tasks! DJ Dukez randomly selects a member of the audience to do a task and at this point only God knows what will happen next!! From scavenger hunts to biscuit eating challenges to the water gravity challenge, DJ Dukez puts those that come live through their paces and the laughter is second to none. The next time you fancy having a laugh and being 100% entertained, tune into Dukey’s House Party and I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed. #tekoffyourshoes #DHP