Artist Injection

The Artist Injection Online Show – A Slow Down Session If you like LIVE music and would like to ‘meet’ some of your favourite artists, this mixed tastefully with smooth ‘ear-gasmic’ music played from the genres of Slowjams, Irregular Bassline Soul, Remixes and Lovers Rock ,then this is the show for YOU!! This popular, online, uncut interactive virtual showcase is presented by the highly respected and down-to-earth female DJ, namely Claudz aka Miss Ouch. She is known for her fearless determination to play slightly more obscure, yet relatable music to the masses and someone who has been interviewing UK and international artists for 6 years now. The show, born from the absence of concerts and gigs at this unprecedented time in 2020, Claudz has developed this innovative and interactive way in which to provide a virtual platform where artists can perform LIVE to their audience. Artists may use this opportunity to continue to build upon their existing fan-base and share a range from their music catalogue. The platform is designed to help keep both established and up and coming artists at the forefront in entertainment at a time where the social landscape has changed somewhat. The genres covered are Slowjams, Irregular Bassline Soul, Remixes and Lovers rock to create a calm, sometimes smoochy ambiance to help all those who tune in to chill, unwind and be entertained. The shows will help to widen the musical ear of the listener by the carefully selected Irregular Soul and Lovers Rock beats but it will also help listeners to reminisce by way of delivering classic sounds from yesteryear. The show also includes a guest from the ‘audience’ who will present their own musical ear and periodically, Claudz gives the listeners an opportunity to share their line of work or business where they too can benefit from an increased audience. Showtime is on Sundays, 8pm-9pm