About Ultra Vision

Ultra Vision TV, a company created by three like-minded individuals from different working professions, with a common passion for business, culture and community. The company has been created to help bridge our community’s generation gap through education, inspiration and motivation.

Our primary goal is to network with supportive, positive, talented and creative people who are proud of their heritage, culture and want to have a positive impact within our community. Our secondary goal is to create a platform for talented people to show their creative content to a wider audience.

Our ethos is to make Ultra Vision TV the chosen platform to develop and watch content, created by and for our UK, Caribbean and African community. We will create networks and forums to enable our community to discuss their point of view without feeling ignored or discredited. The concept is simple, the work will be difficult but the determination to create a legacy for our UK, African and Caribbean community is paramount.


We are looking to work/network with: Presenters, Film/Documentary Makers, Journalists and Social Media Bloggers. Call us today!
Do you have a Business, Product or Service, contact us for pre launch advertising, Rates for all.!

call : +44 7801 979570
email: info@ultravisiontv.com

2 replies on “About Ultra Vision”

Wow! I am so thank full for the three like minded individuals who have come together to bring @ultravision to the UK African and Caribbean Communities.

I am so excited about ultra vision as there are much talented and creative UK African and Caribbean people in our communities who have much to share.

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